It's a Fact: Most people won't make changes until circumstances force them to and usually when it's too late...

Who else wants to learn how to detox their bodies safely -
no myths, no gimmicks, just pure easy to digest facts?”

We all want to look and feel younger, have more energy and finally put an end to sugar and carb cravings... but we need to detox our bodies in a safe and simple way...

Imagine being able to sleep so soundly that you awaken each morning in a good mood, refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way...

Jaison GreeneJaison Greene, of "The Detox Authority" has finally taken the mystery out of detox! Gone are the myths, magic potions, foul tasting elixirs, online scams and other BS you've probably read about somewhere online... or, even tried.

From: Jaison Greene

Hello Healthy Person in Disguise:

You know, for years I too struggled with growing my own personal health problems (asthma, seasonal allergies, acid reflux and IBS). I always felt tired, listless and I'm not embarrassed to say it... I was also constipated. I literally had to drag myself around during the day - and of course consumed pots of coffee - which only had ill effects!

I had heard about "body detox" and I wondered if this "detox" thing could work for me? As I mentioned before, I certainly had my own share of health problems but was afraid (and confused) by how the body detoxification process worked...

I wanted so badly to be able to sleep soundly and wake up every morning feeling refreshed and motivated about my day... I needed so badly to put that spring in my step and the twinkle back in my eyes...and of course, be "regular".

Doctors Love It! Compelling... informative... and thoroughly researched. Any intervention that makes people aware of the countless toxins we are exposed to in our daily lives and puts an emphasis on healthful eating habits heavily skewed toward the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is worthwhile.
-- Paul Buskhul, MD, Internist,
   St. Vincent's Hospital, NY
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A Life Changing Discovery

It wasn't until the spring of 2002, when my 67-year old mom and 44-year old sister were both diagnosed with Metastasized Breast Cancer barely only four months apart! As part of their treatment, they both completed a supervised, whole body detox to combat the ravages of chemotherapy.

Witnessing the transforming power of detox first hand, I noted every step, every style and method they used to cleanse the bodies of my mother and sister...

Now, I had researched and heard about detoxifying the body and saw how well it worked for my mom and sister as they fought cancer. So of course I looked online for weeks and had read everything I could on whole body detox. I wanted to see if the people that wrote their "secret methods" were writing about the same styles and methods of detox... sadly, this was not the case.

What I am going to show you today about detoxifying safely and quickly:
  How to get A wealth of unbiased, expert detox guidance
  Skip hours of boring frustration with this instant shortcut
  Flow effortlessly through any detoxification program
  How Detox predates modern medicine
  How to tell when your body is begging for a detox
  This little known bathroom appliance ends constipation
  Know exactly what you're putting into your body
  4 best ways to cure constipation and lower stress
  The 3 simple steps to identifying your specific body type
  A super simple, easy activity done 1st thing in the morning
  Gain all the confidence and peace of mind you'll ever need

+ If you think I'm only going to show you different methods of great detox and what to watch out for...

I'm also going to show you that detox and internal cleansing is more powerful than anything else you have ever experienced health-Wise in your entire life!


"The Ultimate Detox"

- - a 149 page manual packed with some of the most profound detox tips and tricks used by the healthcare industry to really get their patients bodies back in sync with nature!

Forget trying to learn how to detox out of some dusty old books - - this huge detox manual includes dozens of methods and simple strategies for the products on store shelves today - and some not on store shelves...

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There is no time like the present to get your health in order and really where you believe you need to be - I should know - I was in your shoes only a few short years ago.

Don't forget, when you are sitting at home, lethargic and watching the world go by... you'll have two types of thoughts racing through your head:

    1. The way your health was...
    2. The way it could be...
        What's it going to be for you?

We know you'll be so delighted to finally receive a powerful home detox book, instantly we might add, but also... we want to make doubly sure you know this is a fantastic bargain and to show you we mean business and we want you to detox and feel healthier, feel younger, and generally feel good again - you'll receive these great bonus books:

Bonus Book 1

"Fiber - Not Enough or Way Too Much" is the first book in our bonus giveaway and one that is extremely important to your overall health.

Why fiber really matters and more importantly, which type of fiber, soluable or non-soluable, and the method of delivery (powder, caps, and liquids) to best support your nutrition, digestion and the finale... elimination.

We valued this book at $22 BUT its yours to keep FREE as our special gift. We want to know you are moving in the right direction when it comes to body detox - so we are making this first bonus book available to accompany the very large "Ultimate Detox" manual.

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Bonus Book 2

"Wheat - The Staff of Life...or Death?"   How mass production diminished wheat's nutritional value and what the consequences are for your health. The rapid growth of Syndrome X - insulin related disease and illness can be linked directly to the over consumption of refined wheat, wheat gluten and wheat by-products.

This is one of the newest of Jaison's books on and he thought it should be a freebie before his publisher told him to take it to print. So - with every order of "Ultimate Detox" comes another free bonus book.

Will be $19.95 - But order today and its Yours FREE!

Bonus Book 3

"Chicken - 70 lbs a Year and Growing"

Helping you master the key differences between terms like "organic", "all natural", "free-range", "eco-farmed" and "conventional" and how they make a huge difference for your health and the health of your family!

Will soon be a new book on the bestseller list at $24.99 - but today its FREE!

Bonus Book 4

This book not only shows you "What to Do" BUT shows you "How to Live It"

"Love Your Liver (and Gall bladder too)"   Your largest internal organ performs over 500 specific detox functions a day to keep you alive. The best liver herbs, liver supplements and step-by-step liver cleansing recipes can result in exponential health benefits.

Normally sells for $19 but Jaison believes this one bonus book will really help your detox functions so he'd like to offer this 4th Special gift

A great starting point...! Before I read Ultimate Detox, my knowledge about internal cleansing and detoxification was limited. I knew I wanted a thorough cleansing and not a regular laxative. For a first-time user, I did not find looking down the aisle of numerous cleansers at the GNC as exhilarating -- in fact, it was very confusing. After reading a couple of chapters in the detox guide, I decided on one of the recommended 7-day programs. Using Jaison's guide as a base, I followed it's links, consulted my physician and decided on the best brand for me. The guide was also spot on for what one should expect after the processs: I had better skin, increased energy and the best part: I lost a couple of pounds! If you are sure about wanting to try a cleansing and detox kit, but, unsure about which brand, the duration of cleansing and other specifics, then Ultimate Detox is a great starting point.
-- Natasha Howard-Grant, Stroudsburg, PA
   Administrative Assistant
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In my nine (9) years years of detoxifying and cleansing I've written literally dozens of articles and small books on how to detox properly, cleanse properly and do it all safely... and especially what detox products work best. I never really put it into one concise volume... that is until now.

"Ultimate Detox" is my first fully developed detox manual in print and the three bonus books I am giving away are soon to be published too! I urged my publisher to let me try marketing on the Internet to see the response and so far its been phenomenal!

But, my publisher is a stickler for marketing and knows when to halt a program - and the time to get this book online is running out. I know the book has been extremely successful helping people (read the validated testimonials!) as do my fellow health practitioners and I've urged my publisher to let the site stay until I sell just 500 more copies.

Soon to be healthy people... as of this writing today () we are at 367 books sold in this final and last push of Internet marketing before it leaves cyberspace forever to only be sold in bookstores.

EXPERTS Love It! I should say that I love this book - if I was writing something this is exactly what I would write.
-- Tracey Dell, Founder, Northampton Colonic Clinic
   Northampton, United Kingdom & Milton Keynes Colonic Clinic
   Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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Don't be left in the dark about how to detox your body safely - or force yourself to live with poor health conditions! I urge you to give it a try - and... if you find its not for you- I am even offering a money back, no questions asked guarantee... here it is:

You are also backed by my personal 60 day guarantee. If for any 60Day Guarantee reason you decide the "Ultimate Detox" manual is not for you simply return it for a full refund.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by
buying now and reading everything I have
to say - this is a manual for your new life
and you have absolutely everything to gain!

Join the countless number of others who have downloaded this detox manual and gained the added advantage you'll need to begin a healthy new lifestyle.

    Please Be Advised:
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This manual will soon be going to print and my publisher says I will soon have to take this offer down. If you are at all interested in detoxifying safely and successfully, I urge you to download the "Ultimate Detox" manual right now! Not only will you save yourself $20 but also a whole lot of future misery.

If you want to get started NOW and don't want to do what I did and spend weeks and months reading older out of touch material for your health. Or written by someone who thought detoxifying meant going to the doctor, buying expensive medicines, missing work spending money on fancy workout outfits, then you need to read up on "Ultimate Detox".

Are you feeling run down and tired at work? Never again feel sluggish, tired and possibly miss out on the good things in the world around you... or have to run out to your local bookseller wondering if my book is on their shelves... or have to order it and wait...

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Yes I want to know first hand, the fully researched reviews of over 30 safe and effective detox products, techniques, programs and services.
Yes! My family and I want and DESERVE healthy food!
NO! I NEVER AGAIN want to waste my time or money on junk products that don't work!
Yes! I have to know exactly how to detoxify my kitchen...
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Detox Guide

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Don't Forget You Get These Awesome Free Bonuses!

... here's a few words from Jaison Greene:

To all the soon to be healthy people that visited my site today, I know that you are bombarded with detox products on television and in news ads; but I'm here to tell you that to debunk the junk was a great feeling - what was better was getting all the nitty gritty details of the major products out there.

Knowing I can provide my customers with something truly special really feeds the soul. I urge you to get the help you need today... right now... not tomorrow or next weekend - right now! What you have in it in "Ultimate Detox" could change your thoughts about detox literally overnite.
 -- Jaison Greene

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So now everyone can have that terrific feeling of well being from detoxifying their bodies... EVEN if they have never done it before!






"Yours in great health"

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